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Who Knows, Who Cares?

NEW! 18 track CD

1. If I Had My Time Again
2. Bye Bye Baby
3. Get Over You
4.A Horse To Water
5. Powder Blue
6. For The Last Time
7. Just Like Lovers Do
8. I Believe
9. The Little People
10. Was It You?
11. The Gleam In Your Eyes
12. You Show Me Yours
13. Stop Making Eyes
14. First Bird Calling
15. Warning Bells
16. Take The Bull By The Horns
17. Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto
18. There's No Moon Out Tonight

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You Show Me Yours At Christmas

2 track CD single

1. DooPop Mix
2. Pete Hammond Party Mix
Two Heads

The acclaimed debut album

1. Two Heads
2. Gimme Some
3. BigTough Girl
4. My True True Love
5. Sharks & Scary Girlfriends
6. Never Gonna say Goodbye
7. Little White Lies
8. Middle Of Two
9. Jive Man Boogie
10. Creep
11. I Wonder When
12. Sisterheart
13. Under Your Skin
14. I Know Why
15. Mad Bob
16. Mr Sandman
17. Funtastico

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