10 Great Punk Love Songs – Part 1

Punk rock may be about partying, politics, and anarchy, but there’s no reason why it can’t also be about love. Whether an occasion like Valentine’s Day or just for the sake of it, you may like to create a playlist of your favourite punk love songs. Well, we’ve made it easier for you with these 10 classics that are not only well established, but also has the certain unique edge.

Big D and The Kids Table: “We Can Live Anywhere” (2009)

These Boston DIY darlings began their ska career in 1995, although, over the years, they’ve matured and evolved as musicians while managing to remain relevant the entire time. The band today fuses ska, R&B, rock, and reggae. It’s a solid band that has continued to exist because of its ability to create their very own sound. We Can Live Anywhere is taken from the 2009 album Fluent in Stroll and is about running away until you find that perfect location, as long as you’re with someone special.

The Dead Milkmen: “Punk Rock Girl” (1988)

It would be unthinkable to compile a list of punk love songs without Punk Rock Girl, the most successful song from The Dead Milkmen, the humorous punk band from Philadelphia. The band used gangly punk tunes and had a juvenile sense of humour, this sing included. There’s still something sweet, however, about images of causing chaos in shopping malls with a special punk someone. Many fans of the genre love this song, and it was even covered in 2009 by MxPx on their covers album, On The Cover 2.

Ramones: “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1976)

The Ramones were mainly known for their short, formulaic, and fast songs about off-the-wall subject matter that typified their sound, creating an indelible mark on the U.S. punk scene. They also played music inspired by the harmonies and sounds of early rock bands from California, along with bubblegum girl groups. Their crooning songs were often a result of that inspiration, including “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”.

Alkaline Trio: “Nose Over Tail” (1998)

Featuring on the band’s first album Goddamnit, this song is almost a perfect punk love song from a band at the top of its game, in terms of style and creativity. The juxtaposition of sweet feelings, glamour, and chaos is punk songwriting at its very best. Matt Skiba’s vocals are also tender and strong. It’s pleasing to know that the band, which moved away from this style of music after its first two albums to become more of a commercial act, has started to rediscover its roots in the 2010 album, This Addiction.

Vandals: “I Have A Date” (1995)

A cover version of a 70’s track from a somewhat obscure and short-lived California band, The Simpletones, this song made an appearance on the 1995 album Live Fast, Diarrhoea, which was mainly filled with the kind of humour we had come to expect from the Vandals. I Have A Date stands out for its sincerity and innocence among a collection of songs populated with juvenile jokes.