10 Great Punk Love Songs – Part 2

Now back to our list of the greatest love songs in punk, featuring classics from punk gods Bouncing Souls, The Briefs, and Blink-182. These bands may be known for their punk roots but they weren’t beneath churning out the odd ballad that struck a chord or two with us. Let’s see if you remember any of these.

10 Great Punk Love Songs – Part 2

Tiger Army: “Forever Fades Away” (2007)

The psychobilly act known for its macabre flair wasn’t above Nick 13, the band’s singer-guitarist, from writing the odd ballad, and this is the best of all. It was the debut single taken from the 2007 album Music From The Regions Beyond. While it may not be the most romantic song in the world, considering the lyrics refer to him falling in love “like the razor’s kiss: in a dark garden”, it isn’t so depressing that it can’t be described as a love song.

Bouncing Souls: “Hopeless Romantic” (1999)

The song from the album of the same name came at a time when the band started to play around with their signature sound while never turning their back on their punk roots. They’ve been around now for over two decades and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. This song about professing love for another remains one that ranks among their best.

The Briefs: “Stuck On You” (2005)

This punk band from Seattle were influenced by pop punk and new wave bands such as the Buzzcocks. Known for quirky, upbeat, fast songs, The Briefs perform everything from traditional punk anthems to cheesey ballads. This song, which comes from the 2005 album Steal Your Heart, would have sounded good coming from The Buzzocks, as singer Steve E Nix experiments with simple yet well-written pop lyrics, along with classic pop punk tempos.

The Descendents: “I’m The One” (1996)

The band, which formed in 1978, are among the true pioneers of U.S. pop punk. They seem to possess an uncanny ability to churn out well-written pop punk ballads, as well as just all-around great pop punk tunes. It was difficult to choose from their list of such classic tunes but we went with a bittersweet song from their 1996 Everything Sucks album. The lyric is about that familiar theme of unrequited love, with the singer expressing his feelings towards a female friend who goes from one bad relationship to the next while telling her that he’s the one she should be with.

Blink-182: “All The Small Things” (1999)

This song has enjoyed more commercial success than any other on this list. From the 1999 album Enema of the State, singer Tom DeLonge penned it about his other half after she noted that he’s written a number of songs about girls but none about her. The song then, in case it wasn’t clear by now, pays homage to their love for each other and goes into some personal details of the couple’s relationship, including a line about her having left him roses by the stairs.

Blink-182: “All The Small Things” (1999)