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The Story of Rock in the 1970s

The 1970s was a period of great change in the rock music that was being created and listened to. The start of the decade saw the emergence of several huge bands that were titled as super groups but by the end of the decade although many of these groups were still playing, they were no […]

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The History of Punk – Part 2

The Sex Pistols would wear the clothes designed by Westwood. The fashion that the band popularised can be regarded as a reaction to a series of post-war subcultures from Britain, such as mods, skinheads, and rudies. The band was a catalyst for the British punk movement, having achieved large levels of notoriety and media attention, […]

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The History of Punk – Part 1

Punk, along with its iconic pioneers, may have changed the face of music forever; whether they wanted to or not. It wasn’t just music, either: they also managed to change the face of youth culture and fashion, as well as having created a new form or gigging and performance. There often exists furious debate over […]

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