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10 Great Punk Love Songs – Part 1

Punk rock may be about partying, politics, and anarchy, but there’s no reason why it can’t also be about love. Whether an occasion like Valentine’s Day or just for the sake of it, you may like to create a playlist of your favourite punk love songs. Well, we’ve made it easier for you with these […]

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Rock Music Post Punk

The time that has elapsed since Punk Rock died away at the beginning of the 1980s has been known as the Post Punk era. Many people believe that the genre had more impact on the industry once it had gone than it had when it was popular during the late 1970s. What it did do […]

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The Subgenres of Punk – Part 2

Ska punk Many of the neighbourhoods in London where punk grew in popularity had a large Jamaican population. This resulted in the formation of ska punk. This subgenre bends Jamaican ska rhythms with punk’s heavier beats. It isn’t dissimilar to traditional ska but heavier and faster. Ska bands also commonly use horn sections. Many of […]

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