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The 5 Most Controversial Moments in Metal

In the world of metal, controversy is never too far away. Whether it be Marilyn Manson touted as the cause of the Columbine massacre (apparently, the shooters were listening to his music just minutes before the horrific event) or Ozzy Osborne biting a dead bat’s heads off on stage, metal has continued to shock the […]

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The Top Metal Albums of the 80 – Part 2

Back in Black, AC/DC (1980) Back in Black sold an impressive 25 million copies, proving just how commercial hard rock can be. Bon Scott may have departed but Brian Johnson just fine in his place, fronting a band that offered arena-rock anthems that sound every bit as good now as they did back then. Replacing […]

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The Top Metal Albums of the 80s – Part 1

The 80’s was really the decade that established metal, which is a genre that is itself defined by many genres, as well as periods and clarifications, and, of course, controversies. It’s difficult to accept that such classic-style metal given to us by those artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Dio were around the same time as […]

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