A Means to Political Expression – Punk Rock Bands

From the time Punk Rock has been introduced to the world, it has been a platform for Political expression. The existence of political punk rock bands has existed for a long time too. Many of the bands make use of their music to spread ideologies to motivate audiences to make political changes. In fact, if you pick up a newspaper today or even turn on the television, you might be overwhelmed with the politics that surround you. Here are some of the politically influential punk rock bands you are likely to encounter in the media industry. Good news is that at least the music that these bands don’t give you a headache in their political expressions.

Crass – England

The punk rock band called Crass is one of the grandfathers of political punk and the political punk movement that swept the world. The band was formed by choosing many of the ideologies that other bands were using during the 60s. They spread firm anarchist beliefs to their audiences and alongside promoted anti-racism, feminism, animal welfare rights, and environmentalism.

Anti-Flag – America

Not all bands who influenced music have been around for a long time, some like Anti-flag has been around only over the last few years but have managed to create ripples. They have taken a standing against capitalism and war in the US along with fascism issues in the punk rock genre. Their music had attracted much criticism when they signed up with leading record label RCA Records. While there has been a lot of haters who found the band too revolutionary to survive in the music industry for a long time, the band addressed it by making their messages a little subtle.

Propaghandi – Canada

Another anarchist punk band that has created a wave are Propaghandi who hail from Canada. They are unique because they have captured the audiences’ interest even if they are politically overwhelming. The band has explored the metal genre over the last few years but their most excellent music was from the pop-punk genre that attacked capitalism, racism and every other -ism you can dream about.

Rise Against – America

The American band Rise Against has its roots in Chicago. They are huge propagators of Animal Rights and openly speak for PETA. They speak, preach, and sing about fighting against anything that supports animal killing. This includes hunting animals for sports and even factory farming. The leader of the band- Tim Mcllrath is a very open liberal and speaks for human rights in various forums as well.

I Object – America

Every genre of music has one band that truly stands out. In the genre of political punk rock, the best and the most fierce band is I Object. The band was formed in New York, and they propagate the vegan lifestyle – A culture that is taking front and center stage all around the world today. There are several issues such as abortion, prison reformation, and healthcare that this punk rock band is attacking these days. They are supporting the people to bring in a change to the country and the world through their fabulous music. They look at veganism as a very straightforward and personal choice. They are popular because they don’t force their ideologies on people but sing of their personal experiences and leave the choice to their audiences.