Is Brian Johnson Coming Back To AC/DC?

The Australian rockers from AC/DC have an eventful history behind them. When the two brothers Angus and Malcolm Young formed the band in 1973, they probably didn’t think they would be around that long. But the history of the group has always been shaped by numerous accidents and line-up changes. It all started at the beginning, when they replaced the original singer by the legendary Bon Scott after just one year. He shaped an entire era and ensured with his unmistakable voice that the Australians rose to become superstars. At the first climax, Scott passed away, leaving a void for his successor Brian Johnson to fill. The exercise was successful, and his first album with AC/DC became a legend. Back in Black is still one of the best-selling albums in music history. But Johnson also suffered a severe blow of fate.

Is Brian Johnson Coming Back To AC DC

Is Brian Johnson Coming Back To AC DC

Shock During The US-Tour

In March 2016 the band had to cancel an indoor tour through the USA. Brian Johnson was at risk of complete hearing loss. While fans were still shocked by the news, the last remaining original member, Angus Young, reacted quickly and mercilessly. He replaced Johnson with the Guns N’Roses singer Axl Rose. The shocked ex-singer stayed behind and watched his band successfully touring the world. But now there is hope for all fans of the Australian. The first photos of Johnson and his ex-band were already circulating last year. These were taken just before the studio in which AC/DC have been recording their records for many years. Immediately rumours surfaced that Johnson had returned to the band. There were also numerous reports that his hearing had improved significantly. A return to the stages of this world would be possible without any problems.

Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young, and Phil Rudd

Then in February of this year, radio legend Eddie Trunk revealed that Brian Johnson’s return to AC/DC was imminent. Allegedly the band is working on a new album and a new world tour, which should finally seal the reunification. As if that weren’t enough, legendary drummer Phil Rudd should also return to the band. Years ago he had massive legal problems and had to leave the group afterwards. According to ex-Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, they already finished the album. However, AC/DC hat to postpone the release date due to current events. As if that weren’t enough, the singer also announced another piece of news that nobody expected.

Allegedly, Malcolm Young, who has since passed away, will also be featured on the album. Guitarist Angus Young’s brother once founded the band and has been the driving force behind the scenes for decades. The guitarist composed numerous of the band’s classics before dementia forced him to withdraw. Malcolm Young died in 2017. He is said to have recorded multiple riffs before his death; apparently, some of them found their way onto the new album. That is good news for the fans, who will have the opportunity to see the band again in their most popular line-up.