Living and Loving The Punk Subculture – Gutter Punks

Living and Loving The Punk Subculture - Gutter Punks

Living and Loving The Punk Subculture – Gutter Punks

Gutter Punks are people who are in the subculture of punk rock and are usually associated with voluntary homelessness, panhandling, and squatting. If you go to a populated metropolitan area in the United States, you are most likely to see a few of them. They are known to be in places that have mild weather and a lot of tourists, like New Orleans. The hairstyles that they’ll usually have are mohawks or dreadlocks. Occasionally, they’ll have a tattoo on their face. They will often have a large number of piercings, and their clothes will be dirty. Usually, they’re going to be travelling in small groups while keeping what little belongings they have. Some of them will have a dog with them, and the dog will probably be more behaved than the owner and their associates. With their poorly drawn-on paper signs, they’ll be panhandling around for money so they can buy food and beer. That is the basics of what a gutter punk is.

The Choice of Gutter Punk

Gutter punks are often deciding for themselves to become homeless. They hop on freight trains to travel from one city to another one. They are people that love travelling around the country. When it’s summer, they tend to head north. When it’s winter, they tend to head south. It’s somewhat of a lifestyle as well as a network created while travelling. Each group that arrives in a new town will squat somewhere new for however long they plan to stay. They will usually strike up a new friendship or two along the way that could last a few days or their whole life. They may also be called crusties, which is the people you’d associate with the sound of crust punk. The crust punk movement has been gaining members since the late twentieth century. The idea of it all was first thought up in the United Kingdom and all over the United States. However, gutter punk is a more recent idea. It’s based on how hobos used to live back in the day, but the hobos of back then didn’t have mohawks or dreadlocks. Neither did they have a movement involving music that surrounded them.

The Gutter Punk Life

Gutter punks don’t solely panhandle. Dumpster diving is something that a majority of gutter punks will do to sustain their lifestyles. It is a movement called Freeganism. It was established by many, including gutter punks and squatters. They follow this movement as a way to keep their lifestyle maintained. It wasn’t meant only to be a source of food, but it’s also meant as a statement against consumerism and its conspicuous consumption. They maintain that they’re rightly helping fight against consumer waste by taking whatever leftovers they can find.

The Gutter Punk Culture

Freeganism is one of the most organized aspects of gutter punks’ culture. It has groups of them discussing how they should be doing it, as well as how they should cooperate with their small communities. Freeganism has a permanent residence due to how much advocates they have. They have access to the internet as well as postal services, which helps them organize and communicate among themselves. All of these connections help them keep their sense of community.