Punk Music Empowers the Soul

Music is considered to be a pathway to the soul. It is also known to be a medium for those who require focus and time for concentration. Heavy metal and punk are genres that are loved by many. It is usually played with a group of 4 or more people. Although it is accessible and more widely accepted in the modern age, it was initially known to be the music of the devil. This was due to the hidden meanings that the majority of the bands placed into their songs. For example, one of the favorite songs during the rise of punk music called ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles, showed an entirely different meaning. After multiple stages of research and experimenting, scientists found recent information that our heartbeats mimic the rhythm of a song.

Metal, Punk, and Psychology

Heavy metal music is a genre that is well known to have unique instances that are connected to the level of psychology in today’s era. In a way, heavy metal music is instrumental in helping students focus and also assisting the teachers in teaching students on promoting scientific thinking effectively. Studies show that with mysteries and puzzles to solve, students and individuals remember and learn more than what is just explained to them. When it comes to punk or even heavy metal, the music is instrumental in solving these puzzles through triggers.

Thinking Like A Scientist

To help students to improve their scientific thinking, a professor of Psychology and Marketing at the Arizona State College, known as Robert Beno Cialdini is famous for the theories and studies that he has conducted. Recently he researched about how music can help in promoting scientific thinking inside and outside the classroom. In the study that was performed, Cialdini proposed that for students to take a more considerable interest and improve their learning, a sense of mystery should be introduced inside the classroom. Robert Beno Cialdini effectively argued and informed instructors that introducing mystery to the school was incredibly easy, as it all depended on the way that lectures and information were conveyed to the audience. Cialdini compared it to listening to punk music, and he talked about how the lecture should be structured similarly to a mystery novel with punk music elements, providing crucial information and using creative ways to solve puzzles. However, when structuring a statement or lecture in this format, it is essential that the question that is provided is broad and requires some thought by the students to solve it.

Another way in which the music is known to promote scientific thinking is when teachers use events in which heavy metal music was connected to harmful acts. Using events such as times where controversial actions took place when heavy metal or rarely punk music was played are ideal in these situations, as teachers can use them as a way for the students to improve their scientific thinking faster and more efficiently. Some examples of bands that were accused of being controversial to many cultures and religions included Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Mayhem. These bands were all thought of to be worshippers of the devil, and in some cases, even cults.