Punk Music for Children and Families

When you have children, you may think that you can’t listen to certain punk styles of music that you love. You’ll feel like that the music that your children listen to is what you’ll have to be listening to until they move out. But having children doesn’t mean you have to be constrained to listening to their songs that are sung by animals or princesses. There are a large number of punk albums that are suitable for children to listen to with you. Here are some excellent family-friendly punk musicians and their songs.

Punk Music

Punk Music

The Candy Band’s music

There are four mothers from Detroit that make up a punk band, and they are called the Candy Band. The rock band, the Stooges inspire them. They are a favorite among many lovers of music are are kid-friendly, too. The Candy Band’s members were tired of all the music that was being made for kids, so they went and produced songs that were versions of popular kids music but in the punk rock genre.

Jam Toast’s music

Michael McKinnon is a musician who loves making music. He had the idea of producing a record that consisted of punk rock that was safe for kids to listen to since he wanted to listen to the music with his kids. His idea resulted in him creating two albums that are full of punk songs that are about dogs on roller skates and learning the alphabet. The silly songs are perfect if you want to have fun listening to it with your kids.

Smile by Mike Park

Mike Park is a father of two children who wanted to make music for kids but also wanted it to make it punk. Mike Park is a solo artist, but also a part of the Bruce Lee Band, a member of The Chinkees, and Skankin’ Pickle’s frontman. He is an activist against racism, and he is the man who founded Asian Man Records. Mike Park is a father who makes music, so he wanted to make music that his kids could have fun listening to with him. That’s why he decided to release the album Smile, which is filled with songs that are fast and fun. The album revolves around the ska genre, which is meant for adults and kids alike since it gives you the feeling of dancing. All the songs on the album are goofy, so kids will have fun listening to them.

Mike Park

Mike Park

Billy Jackfish’s music

Billy Jackfish is also a father who makes music that is inclusive to children, similar to how Mike Park decided to make music for kids. He was one of Winnipeg’s punk scene’s “founding fathers.” Billy traveled all over North America along with his band, until he decided to settle down so he could be with his kids. Then he started to create songs for kids that were catchy and offbeat.

Being able to continue to listen to the music you love is vital as an individual; parent or not. Therefore, if any of these are of any interest to you, then you should try and let your kids listen to them too. Hopefully, they’ll love it, and you won’t have to listen to those songs made for kids that puts all your interests in the back-burner. In the end, look at it as a learning experience for your children to be exposed to different genres of music carefully vetted for all ages.